New Jersey Business Phones and VoIP Systems

VoIP Solutions and SIP Trunking to Maximize Capabilities and Minimize Costs

As your organization’s preferred ways of interacting and collaborating evolve, the need for a reliable, versatile business phone system grows stronger.

Business continuity, productivity, and customer service quality all rely on having a solution that provides exceptional voice clarity, dependability, security, and integrated features.

As a telecommunications services agent, New Vision Technology Group offers VoIP business phone systems and SIP trunking solutions designed to fit your company’s needs now and in the future.

VoIP Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems have transformed the way businesses communicate in New Jersey and across the nation. One platform unifies every aspect of collaboration—making calls, holding virtual meetings, and messaging. Accessible from anywhere on any cloud-connected device, VoIP business phone systems generally cost less to implement and maintain than on-premise PBX phone systems.

With a VoIP phone system, your business in New Jersey can bring together team members regardless of their individual communications preferences or the geographic distance between their work locations.

Other Benefits at a Glance

Or, if you prefer a traditional telecommunications solution, we can help you find the right on-premise PBX phone system to satisfy your voice needs.

SIP Trunking

Do you have an existing on-premise PBX system and want to boost its flexibility while lowering costs? SIP trunking, which enables phone systems to work over an internet connection rather than traditional landlines and circuits (such as PRIs and T1s), is an ideal solution.

SIP trunks support multimedia communications—including voice, video conferencing, SMS messaging, and more. While gaining cloud-based collaborative capabilities, you are also able to maintain your capital investment in your traditional phone system. Moreover, the virtual connections provided by SIP trunking allow you to quickly scale bandwidth up and down to handle the lows and highs of voice and data traffic without adding or removing landlines or trunks.

Other SIP Trunking Advantages

Let Us Help You Elevate How Your Business Communicates!

We work with various reliable, reputable cloud-based phone systems companies and SIP trunk providers—including preferred partners Broadvoice and GoToConnect—to bring you flexible VoIP solutions to meet your distinct needs.

Contact us to discuss your business phone system challenges in New Jersey. We’ll evaluate what you have now and offer recommendations to lower your overall costs while improving your voice and unified communications quality and capabilities.

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