Ask the majority of businesses, and they’re fine with their telephone and Internet services. Everything is running smoothly and/or quickly—or at least most of the time. Why even consider the hassle of finding a new provider and risk losing the same reliable services you’ve received for years?

However, unless you can say with 100 percent certainty that you’re being billed at competitive rates and only for the services you need at the moment, chances are, there’s some pretty considerable cost-inefficiency going on.

With a surge in competition in the telephone industry, thanks to cable and wireless companies entering the scene, the costs of telephone and Internet service have dwindled dramatically, particularly in the last few years. Yet many businesses’ telecom bills don’t reflect this change in price, costing them as much as 50% more each month. That’s pretty significant—and completely unnecessary given the fairly fierce competition we’re now seeing in the industry.

The problem is, unless we all take pains to closely scrutinize these contracts and the automatic renewal clauses contained within (typically buried in some obscure PDF file you have to locate online), many companies are paying the same prices that were standard two, five, or even 10 years ago, when competition was limited and costs were substantially higher. Yet, because few businesses have the time to read through page after page of what amounts to ambiguous legal jargon—let alone take the time to shop around and find the most competitive prices in their area—phone and internet services continue to cost more than they should. Loyalty should count for something, yet it’s often the new customers getting the lowest, most competitive prices.

But that’s just half the problem.

Have you ever owned a fax machine that you no longer use? Did your business ever use dial-up internet back in the day? Or maybe you ran marketing campaigns that required a separate phone line or two? One of the same issues we see repeatedly with our clients is that many of them are still paying for phone lines—sometimes upwards of 20-30 of them—for unused services like fax machines, old dial-up cable modems, or expired marketing campaigns tied to physical phone numbers. Machines that were donated to the local e-waste center years ago might very well still be costing you each month. But unless you enjoy analyzing bills in your spare time, how do you know?

Imagine if you could hire an agent to not only scrutinize your telecom bills line by line, but also negotiate more competitive prices and monitor your contract agreements for you. That way, you always receive the lowest prices based precisely on your current office needs—all at no cost to you. One of the many services we provide at New Vision Technology Group is a thorough telecommunications review to assure you aren’t paying more than you should. Here’s how it works:

Initially, we work with your accounts payable coordinator or office manager to obtain copies of your current bills/providers. After asking you to sign a letter of agency so we can act on your behalf, we then pull and closely analyze your billing history, looking for unnecessary charges and fees. Following our careful analysis and a meeting with you to share our findings and learn more about your actual needs, we get right to work negotiating with companies in your area—including the company you’re with now— to get you the lowest  prices based on your specific needs. Once we negotiate the lowest price and facilitate a new contract, we’ll keep in touch, reaching out prior to your contract’s renewal date so you never get locked into another contract without us first negotiating and/or shopping elsewhere for better prices. From your perspective, there’s no cost except an hour or two of your time—instead, we simply charge the service provider you choose to work with.

If you’d like to learn how you could save 20-50% a month on your telephone and internet services, request more information at or call us at 1-800-401-8054.